Awaken Creations Photography

Infant/Children Sessions/Packages

Children grow up so fast, literally in a blink of an eye they are graduating and moving out on their own. The milestones of a babies first year are 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 1st year. I offer a babies' first year package that hit all of these precious milestones in order for you to capture their changes, their personality emerging, first smiles, first laughs and first time standing. 

1st year photos include either a cake smash, half hour session that is only the cake smash, or 1st year, which is half hour portraits and then half hour cake smash. These sessions start at $100. 

I personally love capturing my children once a year after they have passed the important milestone ages. Children are fun to work with and I have a blast with them however the best photos you are going to get are the ones at the beginning of the session. Young children only last up to a max of half and hour in a photo session. My portrait session includes up to 1hr session to take into consideration and sibling/family photos you may want to work into the session. This package is $150 which includes a mix of prints and digital files. 

Please contact me today so we can create a magical experience for your little ones. 

Family Sessions/Packages

Your family is busy and constantly changing as you life moves on. As much as I would love to capture your family photos yearly I am not saying its all or nothing. These photos are the photos you hang on your walls, the ones you put in your albums and the ones you send/use for your Christmas cards. Getting these family portraits are important as not only are you fighting with your loved ones to wear something nice but to also behave, smile and listen to the photographer. This can be a task and the majority of the husbands do not like to get family photos done, mine included. I do my best to make the process simple, painless and fun. I like to capture natural, lifestyle and posed photographs of your family. 

I have three packages for you to choose from that all include different items. These packages start at $150. 

Please contact me so we can discuss your family needs and wants to capture your family just as it is. 

I guarantee you will receive at least 10 mantle-piece quality photos

or I'll schedule your next shoot on my dime.

Maternity Sessions/Packages

Congratulations on your pregnancy, there is nothing like the true happiness of finding out you will have a beautiful little baby to hold, love and cherish.  Maternity is a beautiful stage in life where your precious little baby is growing inside your belly. These sessions are pieces of art, I do everything in my power to make you feel beautiful and to have beautiful photographs of this time in your life. Your session can take up to 1hr and you can change into different wardrobes throughout. If you would like your hair and make-up done on site I can make those arrangements. 

I have three packages to offer in which one includes a combination of Maternity and Newborn. These packages start at $200. You can have your choice of an indoor or outdoor session. Both provide different aspects and it really comes down to your preference. I will  walk you through the process and help to determine what suit your needs.

Please contact me so we can create something magical for you. 

Mini Sessions

Mini sessions are so much fun. They are shorter sessions at a reduced price. They are specific theme or set in a pacific place. I hold a few different mini sessions throughout the year: Halloween, Christmas, Mommy & Me and Fall Family but there are a lot more to come. The best way to find out about my mini sessions is to follow me on Facebook and Google+ or you can get on me email list as I always give clients first option. I would love to add you to my email list, simply send me a message saying you would like to receive emails about my specials, mini sessions and discounts. 

Newborn Sessions/Packages

Capturing your sweet new bundle of joy with his/her tiny fingers, toes and nose takes time and patience. Newborn photography session are 2-4 hours in duration. I never rush a newborn and I make sure they are safe at all times by following a lot of safety practices. I book all of my newborn sessions 7 days after your due date, which we will be in constant contact to move the date if needed. Once we have decided on your newborn session I will send you my Newborn Expectations document that will walk you through how to prepare for your session and what to expect. I am hear for you every step of the way. 

I offer three different packages for newborn sessions. Every package has different items included but every package will leave you with beautiful photos of your newborn that you will have in your hands for a lifetime. These packages start at $200.

I can't stress enough how important this milestone is for your child.

Please contact me so we can dream up something special for your newborn.